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A tailored Smart Solution for Lawyers by SmallRank. From Smart Lead Generation to Smart Client Management solution – affordable to every lawyer.

Our Tailored Solution for Lawyers

Smart Website

Smart Website that caters to your needs and branding, with an automated Lead Generation, Collection, and Management.

Client Management Solution

Our Dedicated Solution serves all of a Lawyer's needs. Manage Clients, Contracts and Cases. Easily integrate with website.

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Smart Marketing

Drive more customers to your business with our unique blended advertising solution. Leverage Dynamic Remarketing and Targeted Marketing to funnel clients using Lead Generation.

Smart Website

Smart Website that caters to your needs and branding, with an automated Lead Generation, Collection, and Management System. All of your needs are covered!

Modern Design & UI

Easy Accessibility

SEO Optimised

Leads Management

High-Conversion Pages

Web Vitals Optimised

Integrate with Ads

Remarketing Ready

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Smart Client Management System.

Our Dedicated Solution serves all Lawyer’s Office Management needs. Lawyers can manage their Clients, Contracts, Cases and all the details. Easily integrate this on your website.


Client Management

Case Management

To-Do List

HR, Payroll & Leaves

Easy Appointments

Simple & Affordable Pricing

$ 399


A smart choice to enhance your presence on the internet with modern SEO strategies that tells the world. GDPR & SERP compliant with unique designs and branding.

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Smart Client Management
$ 599


A life-saver to manage your clients, hearing dates, schedule and appointments. This is a much-needed solution for lawyers to stay ahead of their daily schedule.

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Smart Combined Solution
$ 799


A solution to cater to all of your needs. A Smart Website with automated lead collection system with Smart Client Management to manage leads & clients.

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Target any or all 100,000+ neighbourhoods spread across the US and UK.

Smart Marketing is a fully managed blended advertising solution that drives clicks to your website and calls to your business using social media, search and display network, all working together to help maximise the return on your investment.







High Conversion

Special Location Targeting

Target to as specific audience as possible. Ex. People aged 30-35, interested in Insurance, who also have a kid and goes to work at Wall Street. Every One.


Hourly Optimisation

Our special Machine Learning algorithm reoptimises budget to the channels that perform the best to ensure that your budget is spent wisely. Every Day.

User Friendly

30 Seconds

All it takes is 30 seconds for you to start a campaign and generate leads for your business. Have a god's eye on your campaigns. Every Second.

SmallRank Network


Daily Active Users


Active Purchasers


Avg. Conversion Rate


Avg. CPC

As per SmallRank Internal Survey, 2021


How to get Customers?


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Promote your business in the search results pages of Google and Bing to attract users who are searching for terms relevant to your products and services

Social Media Advertising

Advertise your products on popular social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram so that they show in the feeds of your desired audience

Display Advertising

Present eye-catching banner adverts to users as they browse websites and use apps across the Google Display Network and Facebook Audience Network

Smart Marketing uses machine learning to monitor click volumes, conversion rates and cost per click to ensure budget is optimised for quality clicks and continues to optimise over time, helping you get the best return on investment.

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Your budget is spread across each of the different digital channels.


After every 24 hours period, our algorithm combines data and computes results.


With machine learning algorithms, the budget is optimised to get more results.

All in one solution

A one stop shop for marketing.

You get a complete marketing package with Smart Marketing


Google Network

Facebook Network

Microsoft Network

SmallRank Network

Budget & Creatives

Shared Channels

Daily Bid Optimisation

Ad Consistency

Unlimited Ad Refreshes


Special Locations

Focused Keywords

Interests & Identity

Heavy Retargeting


Call Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Location Extensions


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